About Us

Mission Statement

Grays Harbor Communications 911 is the tie that binds the citizens of this county with police, fire and medical services in their time of need. We serve with integrity, compassion and efficiency on each and every call.

Vision Statement

Grays Harbor Communications Center will remain known for quality customer service, integrity and professionalism. We will be known for good stewardship, strong partnerships and innovation. We will employ and develop highly effective professionals in an employee friendly, service focused environment.

Grays Harbor Communication 911 Center was established in October of 1989 and went live with answering 911 calls in February of 1992. GHCC 911 is a standalone emergency communications agency created by an Interlocal Agreement for the purpose of providing Enhanced 911 services to the citizens and first responders within Grays Harbor County. GHCC 911 contracts with 32 county Police, Fire and EMS agencies to provide dispatching services.

Governing Boards

The Center is governed by an Operating Board and an Administrative Board.

The Operating Board consists of 8 agency representatives from the participating cities:

  • GHC Sheriff’s Department

  • GHC Fire Districts

  • City of Aberdeen Police Department

  • City of Aberdeen Fire Department

  • City of Hoquiam Police Department

  • City of Hoquiam Fire Department

  • Small Cities Police Departments (Participating Cities: Cosmopolis, Elma, McCleary, Montesano)

  • Small Cities Fire Departments (Participating Cities: Cosmopolis, Elma, McCleary, Montesano)

The Administrative Board consists of 7 representatives from the participating cities:

  • Grays Harbor County Commissioner

  • City of Aberdeen Mayor

  • City of Cosmopolis Mayor

  • Mayor City of Elma Mayor

  • City of Hoquiam Mayor

  • City of McCleary Mayor

  • City of Montesano Mayor

Management & Staff

The staff for Gray Harbor Communications 911 Center consists of an Administration Department and a Telecommunicator Department.

Administrative Department

The Administrative Department is responsible for developing policy, setting agency direction, creating the annual agency budget, human resources, finance, internal and external customer relations, public information requests and support and maintaining all IT systems for the center. The department also acts as a liaison among user agencies for various communications-related needs.

  • Executive Director

  • Deputy Director

  • Finance & Administration Analyst

  • IT Manager

  • IT Assistant

  • Administrative Assistant/Records Custodian

Telecommunicator Department

The Telecommunicator Department answers and processes all 911 calls within Grays Harbor County, as well as all 10-digit business line calls from the public and the public safety personnel. The department is also responsible for dispatching all public safety responders within the county, except the Washington State Patrol. Supervisors manage the logistics of staffing the Center at or above minimum staffing levels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Supervisors ensure quality assurance, provide continuing dispatcher/call receiver training for all operations personnel, new employee training, and oversees the Communications Training Officers throughout the 18-month new employee training process.

  • Supervisors

  • Telecommunicators